How does preCICE taste?
Please tell us what you liked, what problems you had, how you found about preCICE (, and what you are trying to simulate.
Where did you find out about preCICE?

Which solvers do you want to couple?

For what kind of problems / simulations?

Also: how big (e.g. MPI ranks, degrees of freedom)?
"Overall, I think that preCICE is easy to use."

Any difficulties so far? (e.g. dependencies, building preCICE itself, configuration)

On what platform, with what versions of dependencies?
What did you like so far?

Any features missing? Any other suggestions?

"I didn't know that preCICE has:"

Optional: If you want, tell us more about you

e.g. affiliation to university/company, e-mail/contact details (especially if you have feature requests or problems with preCICE). This is also important for preCICE as an academic project.
We want to organise yearly user conferences, maybe on the side of bigger conferences. Would you be interested to participate? Any suggestions?

For example: ECCOMAS conferences, OpenFOAM workshops, ...
Thanks for completing this typeform
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